September 2017 Project Update - Afghanistan

11 September 2017

Update from our current project in Afghanistan, where HealthProm continues the implementation of core activies like promoting knowledge and skills about pregnancy, safe delivery, health and hygiene

HealthProm continues implementation of all of its core activities in Afghanistan, including promoting knowledge and skills about pregnancy, safe delivery, health and hygiene.       

Providing outreach for antenatal care and birth planning by government contracted midwives and facilitating peer support and community health projects’ development through Safe Motherhood Groups (SMGs) and Men Support Groups (MSGs). Currently, 80 SMGs and 90 MSGs have been active across the programme area.

As part of a programme, HealthProm also provides support, supervision and medicines to community health workers to enable them to provide basic primary healthcare to local communities.

One of their main task is to treat children suffering from pneumonia with antibiotics in winter, and to treat those suffering from dehydration due to diarrhoeal diseases, contracted from drinking contaminated water in summer, with oral rehydration salts.