September 2017 Project Update - Tajikistan

12 September 2017

Our project inTajikistan has three objectives:

First, to help the government improve the running of baby homes in the country. Transforming them from institutions where babies are simply kept, like orphanages to centers of family support and development.
These centres will provide a range of services to children and families, and offer them a chance for the best possible start in life. We strive to deliver best practice working with local partners towards creating these new services.

Second, to develop foster care. In collaboration with UNICEF and the Government, our piloting of foster care services continues.
As baby homes are transformed, we will need to identify and train foster parents.

Third, to develop child protection. With more children being care for out of baby homes and in the community, these vulnerable children need to be kept safe. Our project focuses on strengthening child protection through working with Child Rights Units and training specialists to recognise when children are in need of care and protection.

HealthProm and its partners are also laying the ground work for a new evidence-based project funded by Grand Challenges Canada that will inform international best practice for children with disabilites in low and middle income countries.