What we do


We work to ensure that vulnerable children have the best start in life  

Established in 1984, our mission is to work together with local partners to promote health and social care for vulnerable children and their families where we operate.  Our work is guided by the principles of building local capacity for sustainability, evidence-based practice and working through partnership.


The Challenges

HealthProm works to address three key challenges where it operates:

  • Poor maternal and child health (Afghanistan, Central Asia);
  • High levels of child institutionalisation;
  • Social exclusion of children with disabilities.


Our Approach

We support: services to improve maternal and child health and better support vulnerable families, schools to improve inclusive education opportunities for children with disabilities, civil society organisations and community groups to prevent child abandonment and provide family-based support, and Governments in their efforts towards de-institutionalisation of care and inclusive education.


Where We Work

HealthProm currently works in Afghanistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Russia.